Before the wheels of Air Force One touched down in Saudi Arabia, many pundits said that President Trump's first overseas trip would result in a bump to his approval rating, and the latest polls show that they were right.

The president's trip provided a much-needed respite from a hostile media at home, and his actions abroad have shored up the support of his base. Meanwhile, as Democrats continue to tone down their talk of booting Trump out of office as a result of the lack of evidence of Russian collusion, American voters are losing their stomach for impeachment.

According to the new poll by Politico/Morning Consult, only 38 percent of Americans are in favor of impeaching President Trump. The survey, released on Wednesday morning, also revealed that nearly two-thirds of registered voters approve of the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Not surprisingly, the poll reveals a sharp contrast between Republicans and Democrats. When it comes to presidential impeachment, 68 percent of Democrats indicated that they were in favor of it, while only 12 percent of Republicans are in favor of impeachment.

Mueller is the right man for the job, according to poll

The Politico/Morning Consult poll also suggests that most registered voters agree with the media's assessment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as an investigator with impeccable credentials.

Of the 63 percent of respondents who support the recently-appointed special counsel, 39 percent said that they strongly approve of the appointment, while 24 percent said they "somewhat" agree with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's decision to appoint Mueller as special counsel earlier this month.

Not everyone is a fan of Robert Mueller, however.

When it comes to those who strongly oppose Mueller as special counsel, 18 percent are Republicans. Conversely, only 4 percent of Democrats said they strongly disagreed with Rosenstein's decision.

Poll shows that Trump plays a strong road game

The new poll also indicates that President Trump's actions during his overseas trip have bolstered his support back home.

Prior to embarking on his trip, which included stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican, the president's approval rating was at 41 percent. One week later, that number now sits at 45 percent. His disapproval rating before the trip was at 53 percent; it is now 50 percent.

The poll also shows that Trump supporters are completely unphased by the media's rampant, round-the-clock coverage of the Russian collusion scandal. Earlier this month, the same poll showed that 82 percent of Trump voters approved of the president's job performance. The latest poll shows that number has climbed to 88 percent.