An emergency evacuation ordered for the city of Bisbee, Arizona was recently lifted, allowing major roadways to reopen. Many residents were able to go back to their homes and are thankful they were spared, due to the quick response of the local emergency unit. Once the fire department got to the scene the blaze was brought under control by firefighters from several cities.

Evacuated residents back home after huge fire scare

The fire enveloped six buildings that were unoccupied but were quite close to other residences. According to reports, the fire burned five acres of land in Cochise County.

The Sheriff's Office said multiple fire agencies rushed to the scene to assist with the huge fire that left the city covered in billows of black smoke.

Those helping with the operation included the fire departments of Bisbee, Naco, Elfrida and San Jose. The sheriff's department investigating the blaze said that several structures were destroyed, but they are not sure if they were occupied or not. Meanwhile, several homes in the region were quickly evacuated and residents were sent to Saint Patrick's church that was utilized as an emergency shelter.

According to law officials, an investigation will be launched to ascertain the cause of the fire as well as to see if anyone was killed. An official report said it's not yet known how many structures were at risk, however, their main concern was containing the fire to stop it from reaching the grassy hill area.

Fire may reignite, according to the sheriff's department

Firefighters are worried that the fire could reignite (and with the heavy winds) could spread to the surrounding grassy area. In case that should happen there are air units ready to drop water and sand on the blaze to prevent any further spreading.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety assisted with traffic control on Highway 80 and other areas to help prevent vehicles from entering the dangerous area.

The police department also asked residents to avoid the area until further notice.

An emergency call shortly after 5:00 p.m. alerted authorities of the fire on Star Avenue in Bisbee. The Cochise County Sheriff's spokeswoman Carol Capas said the fire was in Old Bisbee. Additionally, Sheriff Mark J. Dannels released a statement on Facebook to let affected citizens know there was an emergency center set up at Bisbee City Hall. A phone number was also established for residents to get important updates on the massive blaze.