Lilly Pollack, 13, was a heroine when the family’s mobile home caught fire just before midnight on Thursday in Buchanan, Tenn. She saved the life of her eight-year-old Sister, Rose, during the House Fire after waking up to find her bedroom filled with smoke.

As reported by The Leaf-Chronicle, Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew says the house fire was reported to authorities on Thursday shortly prior to midnight. The town is located around 100 miles northwest of Nashville. According to Randy Stephens, the family pastor of Sulphur Well Church of Christ, Lilly woke up to find her room filled with smoke and heard someone calling her from somewhere in the home.

Lilly and Rose run from the burning house

As noted by the sheriff, Lilly found her sister Rose and they both left the house, running to their grandmother’s home next door, where they called 911. After dialing 911, Lilly then attempted to rescue the rest of her family but was unable to enter the home, due to the intense blaze. However, Belew called both the girls heroes.

According to Reggie Coles of the Paris Landing Volunteer Fire Department, two-thirds of the house were already engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived on the scene. Coles said the other family members were most likely already dead and the firefighters also found they could not enter the home due to the raging flames.

House fire was the worst seen in 40 years

As reported by the New York Post, Coles said it was the worst tragedy he has seen in 40 years with the fire service, noting, however, that officials could not find any smoke detectors in the house.

The fire is not being considered suspicious and authorities are still investigating to find the cause, which they believe could be either related to a wood stove or to faulty wiring in the home.

Rose reportedly suffered minor burns to her neck, arms and face and was taken to a local hospital. Belew named the deceased as Lilly’s parents, Jimmy and Carrie Pollack, and three children, Jimmy Dale Pollack, 14, Ivy Pollack 4 and Callie Pollack, 3.

He added that things would have been different if the home had smoke detectors, saying there are some things people need to take care of.

Teenager and sister living with their grandmother

The pastor said he spoke with Lilly following the house fire and called her an “outstanding young lady.” He said she is in shock but will be OK and will have to struggle with having lost the rest of her family. Now Lilly is doing her best to help her grandmother and to get ready for young Rose to come home. Both Lilly and Rose will now live with their grandmother.

Reportedly the sheriff’s office has set up a donation account at a local bank in the grandmother’s name. Belew said they are a small rural county and this is what they do – help each other.