Over the last week, Donald Trump and his administration have faced increased pressure over his alleged link to Russia. Following the news that an independent special counsel will be overseeing the investigation into the Kremlin, the White House quickly pulled Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway from a scheduled appearance on Fox News.

Fox News on Conway

It's been almost two years since Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president, but the rumors of his relationship with Russia have only increased since that time. Whether it's his hidden tax returns, praise of Vladimir Putin, or advisers and associates getting caught communicating with the Kremlin, the former host of "The Apprentice' can't seem to shake the allegations against him.

Since pulling off the shocking upset over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last year, the speculation against Trump regarding Russia has only gotten worse. Various news outlets and reports coming from internal sources like the FBI have confirmed that the president has had communication with Russia, including revealing classified information to Kremlin officials. In response, former FBI director Robert Mueller was brought on board to head the current investigation, which led to Kellyanne Conway no-showing her appearance on Fox News on May 17.

On Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced that his planned guest for the evening, Kellyanne Conway, canceled her interview at the last minute without giving a reason for her no-show.

"Kellyanne Conway was going to be sitting here,” Carlson said. "We had booked her," he continued, before adding, "not long before air, they canceled it for reasons that weren't exactly clear."

Tucker Carlson has been a long-time defender of Donald Trump, but even he was forced to admit that the White House was in a tough place following the Robert Mueller news.

“I think a lot of the descriptions in the press about what’s going on at the White House are false or they’re animated by the hate the process for Trump," Carlson said, while also noting, "But it does seem chaotic over there, I gotta be honest."

Moving forward

As expected, Donald Trump continued to deny any wrongdoing on Wednesday, doing so in a carefully prepared statement released by the White House. Trump deciding to handle the matter through more traditional channels, as opposed to in a series of controversial tweets, highlights how dire the current situation is in Washington.