An enormous cyber attack infiltration using data stolen from the US National Security Agency (NSA) has struck numerous countries and organizations around the globe. Digital security company Avast had reported that there are 75,000 known instances of the spyware.

The virus identified as WannaCry had numerous variations of its name. Reports are coming from 99 countries such as Russia, China, the United Kingdom and the United States as well as many other places. Scotland and England suffered the most serious damages to their National Health Service (NHS).

A BBC report says that around 40 NHS associations and some hospitals were hit, with operations and routine hindrance, and even cancellations.

How did this Cyber War begin?

The malware spread rapidly on Friday, with the Health sector in the UK starting to notice several computers shutting off by themselves. NHS staff shared screenshots of the WannaCry program. The program requested a ransom installment of $300 (£230) in virtual Bitcoin payment in order to open the records for every PC.

Many other European nations reported similar attacks on their digital framework on the same day. Various Spanish companies including telecom firmTelefonica, energy giant Iberdrola and utility supplier Gas Natural had disclosed that they experienced the same problems.

They have reported that staff at the organizations were forced to turn their PCs off.

People started tweeting photographs of attack PCs, including a ticket machine of a railroad company in Germany and an Italian college digital. Portugal Telecom, FedEx, and several other Swedish companies were also infected with the virus.

A few reports said Russia had seen a larger number of attacks than any other country.

Local banks, the finance and state ministries, Russian railroad industry and Russian Telecoms are all speculated to have suffered damages. Russia's state service said 1,000 of its PCs had been attacked, but they had quickly managed the virus, and no relevant data were stolen from the company's computers.

China has not formally responded to any of Cyber attacks; it might have endured, however, Chinese media said a college computer in a lab mysteriously shuts down.

How does the virus function; what caused the attacks?

The viruses appear to be sent by means of a worm - a program that spreads between PCs by themselves. Most other cyber attack projects depend on people to spread them by cheating others into tapping on a connection harboring the virus. However, in this case, once WannaCry is inside a network it will chase down every connected machine and attack them as well.

Reportedly, the hackers were identified as the Shadow Brokers that are suspected of being part of a Russian network. According to sources, they had hacked the computers of the U.S. National Security Agency and stolen private information from the organization.