According to court documents relating to the case, Kenneth Eckert, 49, was arrested on May 7 following the discovery of his wife, Jennifer Eckert, 49, who had been shot in the back of her head with a semi-automatic handgun in the couple’s home. People reports that Eckert had allegedly been involved in disputes with his wife after she refused to follow his rules.

Suspect dials 911 to report an accidental shooting in his home

Police in Buckeye, Az. said in a statement that Eckert allegedly dialed 911 on Sunday last week to report an accidental shooting in his home.

On arrival at the home, police found the front door open, and after calling out at the door, a man’s voice directed them to the master bedroom.

On arrival in the master bedroom, police found Eckert’s wife, Jennifer, lying face down on the bed. She had suffered a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. Officials attempted to revive Jennifer, a former teacher, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Several weapons seized in the Arizona man’s home

From the court documents, it was revealed that several weapons were seized in the bedroom and other rooms in the home. There was also a single shell casing lying on the bedroom floor from a “small caliber” gun.

Police spokesman Jason Weeks said in a statement that when speaking to the suspect following the Shooting, detectives could not get any further information from him other than that his wife had been shot.

Eckert reportedly immediately requested a lawyer.

Wife apologized in notes for breaking her husband’s rules

As reported by AZ Central, investigators found several handwritten notes at the scene of the crime. In one note, Jennifer allegedly had written about her willingness to follow her husband’s rules. She apologized in the note for allegedly being “insufficient” and for “breaking his rules.”

Police believe that another note found on the scene was written by Kenneth, in which he laments that his wife should not have become his enemy.

The Arizona man allegedly told police when he was arrested that he had been in the Marines and there are certain rules people must follow, although he wouldn’t elaborate on the subject.

According to Weeks, the couple had moved to Buckeye around three months ago and had had no prior contact with the police. Eckert has been charged with second-degree murder relating to Jennifer’s death. He is being held on a $750,000 bond and his next court appearance is set for May 15.