A female U.S Congresswoman by the name Corrine Brown who served the state of Florida from 1993 to 2007 under the Democratic Party was found guilty on May 12, for receiving and misappropriating money meant for scholarships to poor students. Her other conviction included Tax Evasion.

How the crimes were committed

Brown and her Chief Of Staff were found to have used funds from One Door Education Foundation for personal shopping, trips, and lavish spending. One of the lavish spendings includes the sponsoring of a high-profile golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass.

She also conspired to commit mail and wire fraud, concealing documents and facts that barred the disclosure of her finances, stealing government property, going against internal revenue laws and evading taxes. She was convicted of 18 out of 22 charges brought against her.

The court found that Brown and her close associates benefited from a total of $800,000. Most of the funds were deposited into her personal bank account. She was accused of ordering her chief of staff Simmons to take cash and checks from One Doors' account and always to withdraw a maximum of $800 from ATMs and to always deposit the funds in her personal account.

While reading the verdict, the Judge stated that Brown had violated the public trust, the integrity of the government system and the honor of her position.

The date for sentencing was not mentioned, but she faces up to 20 years for each fraud and conspiracy charges which could add up to 360 years.

A brief history of Corrine Brown

Brown was born 70 years ago, in Jacksonville Florida. She earned her bachelor's of science degree from Florida A7M University in the year 1969. Brown received a master's degree in the year 1971 and an educational degree from the University of Florida in 1974.

She also possesses an Honorary Doctor of Law degree from Edward doctors College in Jacksonville.

Brown was elected from a newly drawn House district around downtown Jacksonville after an unsuccessful bid for the Florida House of Representatives in 1980. She served the post for ten years. A third congressional district was carved out in the Northern State of Florida after the 1990 U.S census.

Brown decided to run for this district and won against a strong opponent Andy Johnston who was a white talk radio host in Jacksonville.


In the year 1998, she was questioned for relieving $10,000 from Henry Nyons who was a National Baptist Convention leader. She confirmed that she received the money but did not misappropriate it. She stated that the funds were used for a political rally.

In June 1998, reports emerged that her daughter had received a luxury car as a gift from an agent of a Gambian millionaire Foutanga Sissoko. She was a friend to the millionaire and had helped secure his release after the Gambian millionaire was arrested for bribing a U.S customs official.