Mark Zuckerberg says that despite being a favorite to Run for President as a Democratic candidate, he isn't interested in running "at this time." Many liberals were counting on Zuckerberg going against Trump in 2020 and taking back the White House. It looks like the Democrats will have to find someone else to run.

Pricilla and Mark visited each US state

The Zuckerbergs' visited each state, asking as many people as possible how they use Facebook and what features they would like to see on the site. Apparently, due to the fact they embarked on this huge tour, many people assumed that the trip was some sort of early political campaign.

Mark assures his followers that is not the case.

According to his Facebook page, Mark wanted to get an understanding of Facebook users' hopes and dreams and what their biggest challenges were in using the Facebook platform.

Zuckerberg wants to use Facebook to make a real difference in the world and believes it could be instrumental in helping criminals and drug addicts recover by giving them genuine friendships and support.


Mark revealed that [in general] Americans have fewer than three friends that they can turn to if they need support. He wants to find a better way to match Facebook users with the challenges they are facing in their lives to give them the support they need.