The biggest story to dominate the American political headlines in recent weeks has centered around Donald Trump and what his possible relationship is with Russia. After Trump attempted to deny a report over this issue during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a host on MSNBC decided to fire back.

MSNBC on Trump

Earlier this month, the Washington Post broke a bombshell story revealing that Donald Trump shared "highly classified" information with two high-ranking Russian officials during a meeting at the Oval Office. While the reports never confirmed the source of the information, speculation suggested that it came from an Israeli who was working within the Islamic State.

However, Trump appeared to let the cat out of the bag standing along side Benjamin Netanyahu while the two spoke to reporters. "Just so you understand, I never mentioned the word or the name Israel," Trump said while turning to the Israeli leader, before taking a shot at the media by saying they had "another wrong story." Trump's remarks were highlighted during the May 23 edition of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

During the Tuesday morning's "Morning Joe," Donald Trump and the aforementioned Israel/Russia remarks were highlighted. Co-host Joe Scarborough was left stunned by what Trump appeared to admit, and didn't hold back his criticism. "If you are scoring at home and trying to divide the actions between malicious and plain-out stupid, you can put this on the stupid side," Scarborough said of the president.

"This is like running down to the police station saying, 'My wife’s missing and it’s not my gun that’s at the bottom of the pond in the back of our house by her body,'" Joe Scarborough said using a unique analogy.

"(Donald Trump) admitting to something that nobody charged him of, and in so doing, revealed himself as the jackass that leaked top-secret Israeli intel," the MSNBC host continued. Panel guest Mike Barnicle looked on, nearly cracking up with laughter at Scarborough's assessment of the billionaire real estate mogul and how he handled the latest leak from the White House.

Next up

With the pressure mounting in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump left the White House last Friday and embarked on his first foreign trip as commander in chief. After landing in Saudi Arabia, the former host of "The Apprentice" spent time in the Kingdom before heading off to Israel where he became the first sitting president to visit the Jewish holy site of the Western Wall. Though Trump has only started his trip, an official at the White House confirmed that he was "exhausted" as the scandals surrounding his administration continue to heat up and will be waiting for him upon his return to the United States next week.