Is this really an image ofBigfoot? A camera set up to watch baby eagles in their nest caught something that was totally unexpected. It looks as if it captured a clip of Bigfoot walking through the woods! This image suggests there is something eerie in the forest, as it walks upright and moves more like a human than a bear.

Huge dark entity walking upright!

A live stream camera that was set up in the Michigan woods was meant for folks to observe an eagles' nest high up in a tree, but it caught something a bit more perplexing than just a nest of birds.

Viewers were treated to a rare sighting of a big ape-like entity with human-like qualities walking beneath the nest, which looks a lot like Bigfoot!

Baby eagle watching

According to Webtopnews, the webcam was set up so nature lovers could relax and take in the sights and sounds of the baby eagles still in their nest. The two little eagles have become a popular online destination for folks who are enjoying watching the day to day progress of these baby birds.

Something eerie lurking in the woods?

The particular clip which shows the "unknown figure" was taken back on September 15 and some very observant viewer caught the figure in the background. The video below shows just what the live stream tape caught and then they enhanced the figure in the background for a closer look.

One would have to say it looks as if Bigfoot is cruising the forest and he was caught on camera while doing so!

The eagle's nest is somewhere between 85 or 100 feet off the forest floor. Because this Bigfoot-like entity was off in the distance, there is no way to estimate its size. The entire time the dark figure is on camera it is walking upright on two legs.

So now the question is floating around out there... is this really Bigfoot or an elaborate hoax?

Elusive beast of the wilderness

There have been many Bigfootsightings in the past and many people are intrigued by this elusive beast. While Bigfoot sightings have been reported through the decades, no one has come across a dead Bigfoot or a Bigfoot carcass.

This seems rather improbable if they are in fact a species living hidden in the woods.

Dead Bigfoot?

Scientific minds suggest that by now someone would have found the remains of one of these beasts if they do really exist. Was this a picture of Bigfoot or just someone donning a costume knowing their image would be picked up by the Eagle cam? You decide!