Ever since the election of Donald Trump, last November, the partisan divide in the United States has only gotten worse. While the president is usually the one who leads the charge, some of his advisers have also been known to voice their opinion.

Conway on Twitter

Once Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, he quickly changed the direction of American politics. It started early on in the 2016 presidential election when it became clear that the former host of "The Apprentice" was not going to see eye to eye with the mainstream media.

As the feud between both sides progressed, Trump increased his use of social media, making Twitter his number one form of communication. Bypassing the traditional press, the billionaire real estate mogul lashed out on social media on a routine basis, pushing his political agenda without the filter of the media. In addition, Trump would often air his grievances, targeting not just his political opponents, but also celebrity critics, other world leaders, and anything else he needed to get off his chest. Since becoming president, Trump has failed to tone down his outbursts, and has only kicked up his rhetoric on the social media platform. In an ironic turn of events, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway decided to speak out against the Democrats on her own Twitter account on May 9.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday morning, Kellyanne Conway posted an article from the right-wing Daily Caller that accused the Democrats of focusing more on "retweets" than connecting with actual voters on the ground.

"Good read," Conway said of the article, before adding, "More evidence that Dems (& friends) are playing to Twitter fan base and not speaking to real voters." Conway's complaint about Democrats spending too much time on Twitter comes at an odd time considering Donald Trump uses the platform almost daily.

Twitter reacts

In response to Kellyanne Conway's tweet, social media users were quick to give their thoughts.

"You all have control of all three branches of gov't, still can't accomplish anything, and then try to blame dems. Deserves Twitter mocking," one tweet read.

"Says the woman to her Twitter audience. Who are real voters exactly, according to you?" another tweet went on to read about Kellyanne Conway, which was followed up with a reply stating, "So twitter users aren't "real voters"?

That's hilarious. She never disappoints does she?" "You are probably incapable of seeing the irony in your tweet. By the way, how many puppies do you need to finish that coat?" an additional comment went on to say. The negative reactions kept on coming as it was clear the partisan divide was not going to end anytime soon.