As the scandal surrounding Donald Trump and Russia continues to heat up, the latest chapter has focused on the recent testimony of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates. After speaking to Congress on Monday, Trump was quick to smear Yates across social media, but not before others decided to speak out, including the vocal George Takei.

Takei on Trump

From the start of his campaign for president back in the summer of 2015, Donald Trump has been playing defense when it comes to allegations of collusion with Russia. Trump's kind words about Russian President Vladimir Putin left the door open for further criticism, which has only increased since the election.

From Trump's hidden tax returns to his advisers and associates being caught communicating with Kremlin officials, the former host of "The Apprentice" can't seem to shake the drama linking him back to Russia. With the pressure mounting, Trump was dealt another blow when it was revealed that his pick for National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, had met with a Russian official just weeks after the election. Following Flynn'a resignation, his name was one of the main talking points used against the White House on the issue, which was highlighted when Sally Yates testified in Congress earlier this week. After Trump sent out several tweets in an attempt to discredit Yates, George Takei fired back on his own social media account on May 8.

Taking to Twitter on Monday was George Takei, who proceeded to comment on the Sally Yates testimony, while taking a shot at Donald Trump in the process. "Sally Yates is the kind of woman America needs to lead us," Takei tweeted out.

"Yates warned that Flynn was a blackmail risk, but Trump kept him on til the truth got out," George Takei wrote on Twitter, before adding, "Guess he wanted company in the blackmail dept." "Sally Yates served it so hard to GOP senators that they've decided to exclude 'burns' from the list of preexisting conditions," he added.

After trolling Donald Trump over a recent spelling error in one of his tweets, Takei refocused his attention on Yates. "Don't try to come for Sally Yates, you sniveling miscreants," George Takei wrote, while noting "She has things you long since abandoned: truth, integrity, and honor."

Moving forward

With the testimony of Sally Yates, it adds yet another piece to the puzzle that is building a case against Donald Trump, the White House, and Russia. Despite Trump denying any wrongdoing, he might need more than a rant on Twitter to deal with the problem.