Monday saw the cancellation by Spirit Airlines of multiple flights out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. This stranded hundreds of passengers, many of which were furious. In the chaos surrounding the cancellations, three people were arrested and one other was detained after a row between passengers and airline employees.

Twitter went wild after the Spirit Airlines flights were canceled

As reported by CBS News, several videos were posted to social media, showing Broward County Sheriff’s deputies trying to keep order among the angry passengers.

In some, several people could be seen being taken out of the terminal by police. One passenger told the New York Daily News that some of the passengers were heading to a graduation on Tuesday and would now miss the event. That passenger said he saw passengers approaching the ticket counter, pounding on the desk and yelling.

One passenger posted a video to Twitter, captioning it with the words that they had just witnessed police brutality at the airport. The video appears to show a person falling to the ground while surrounded by police deputies.

Hundreds stranded when 11 Spirit Airlines flights cancelled, plus many more delayed

11 flights were canceled and 26 more were reportedly delayed on Monday, but Spirit Airlines is blaming its pilots for these cancellations.

CBS News reported that the airline is suing those pilots in federal court in a suit against the Airline Pilots Association for what they termed an “unlawful job action" by Spirit pilots. According to the airline, due to union pressure, pilots are turning down last-minute assignments where they would earn twice the pay because other union members are intimidating those who do accept the jobs.

Paul Berry, a spokesman for Spirit Airlines, said in a statement that they were “shocked and saddened” to see the videos posted to social media of the chaos at Ft.

Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Berry went on to explain that the cancellations were the result of unlawful labor activity by some of their pilots and went on to explain that Spirit is taking them to Federal Court.

However a separate statement by the Airline Pilots Association spoke differently, saying the pilots they represent are not engaged in any job action. The statement continued by saying that the association and the pilots themselves are trying to do everything possible to restore the company’s operations. They stated they will actively defend against the unwarranted legal action brought against them by Spirit Airlines.