For the first time, Donald Trump and his administration are in the White House during Memorial Day. While his team offered their thoughts on the holiday, social media users didn't hold back their opinions in opposition.

Conway on Memorial Day

It didn't take long after Donald Trump announced his campaign for president before he started to dominate the headlines. Within months, Trump turned his once laughable attempt at the presidency into a legit threat to become the next commander in chief. After Trump took advantage of his popularity and rode his momentum to the Republican nomination last summer, he was forced to make a major change in his administration.

Paul Manafort, who had been serving as campaign manager, resigned after it was revealed he had financial ties to Russia. In his place, Trump brought in veteran Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway. In the months that followed, Conway would be seen on an almost nightly basis, typically getting involved in heated and controversial exchanges with various cable news hosts. Despite this, Trump was pleased with Conway's work and promoted her to presidential counsel in the administration. In recent months, however, Conway has come under fire for her blunders, including the use of the term "alternative facts" and the "Bowling Green Massacre." As seen during a May 29 Memorial Day tweet, Conway faced even more backlash.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Kellyanne Conway gave her thoughts on Memorial Day. "Humbling to speak with Gold Star families today and join loved ones of those fallen to bow head in prayer," Conway tweeted.

Twitter on Conway

In response to Kellyanne Conway's Memorial Day tweet, social media caught fire in backlash to the presidential counsel. "Neither you nor Trump are humble. Stop stealing authentic character traits from decent people and stop acting like you care about Gold Stars," one tweet read.

"Our brave @POTUS got 5 draft deferments, attacked a gold star family, took a vet's Purple Heart, and sent men to die in Yemen over dinner," one Twitter user pointed out.

"Grossly grossly embarrassing and disrespectful hearing this from conway Disgusting," an additional tweet added.

"No it isn't, if that were true you and @Potus would feel some sense of shame when denigrating one of their ranks," a social media user wrote. "Gold Star families are very special & I will never forget how rude and disgusting @realDonaldTrump @POTUS was to Khizr Khan and wife," a Twitter user remarked.

Despite Kellyanne Conway doing her best to honor Memorial Day, many Americans don't seem to be ready to let her forget how the Donald Trump administration has treated veterans and members of the military.