Joe Biden couldn't hold back his tongue after the House passed trump's ridiculous Health Care Bill. He said that it is a sad day in America and hopes that the Senate roadblocks the bill. He encouraged Americans to reach out to their senators, in hopes, they can convince them to vote no on the bill.

Former vice president, Joe Biden responds

Biden took to Twitter to voice his concern for America after the House passed Trumpcare. He revealed that millions of people would lose coverage. He added that the list of pre-existing conditions that the plan won't cover or will require steep premiums is not okay.

It's personal for Biden

For Joe, this vote was personal. In 2015, Biden's son, Beau died after a long battle with brain cancer. When Obamacare went through, he was adamant that cancer treatments should be a covered. According to Occupy Democrats, Under Trump's plan, cancer treatment costs up to $140,000. For most Americans, they wouldn't be able to afford it.

Joe Biden said there's hope! The bill still has to pass the Senate. They have stated that they aren't going to pass the bill without reading it, thoroughly and getting the Congressional Budget Committee's analysis of the plan.

The bottom line is that Congress can fix this. Let's hope they do what's right!