New World Design Ltd. is based in Chicago and is planning a one-day protest. What they want to do is to anchor four giant golden pig balloons in the Chicago River, positioned so as to cover U.S. President Donald Trumps moniker on the southeast façade of his downtown hotel in Chicago.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, the architects are hoping for the giant pig balloons to arrive at the scene on a barge. However, New World Design is still in negotiations to work out the best way – and time – for the pigs to arrive in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

The firm’s principal and architect, Jeffrey Roberts, is confident they will be able to pull off the project, but they reportedly still need the city’s approval.

Giant golden pigs to cover Trump’s name in one day protest

As reported by the New York Post, if the project is approved, those huge golden pig balloons will be suspended in front of the building for one day, in either late August or early September. Roberts did say they are working on the logistics for the pig display, as they do not wish to clog up traffic on the river during a busy summer’s day.

While investigations into the project are ongoing, the architects are currently running a fundraising scheme. They calculate that the pig balloons, other necessary materials and set up costs will add up to around $100,000, but they are aiming for $250,000 to cover any security costs. Roberts says additional funds will come from organizations like Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Pig inspiration comes from Pink Floyd’s album ‘Animals’

As to how they came up with the idea of the huge golden pig balloons – which Roberts estimates will each be the size of a “London bus” – it was Pink Floyd’s album “Animals” that gave them the inspiration. It turns out Roger Waters, the former front man for Pink Floyd, heard about New World Design’s idea via Sean Evans, his director, and creative director.

In the past, Evans has directed a documentary about Waters and had created and used pig balloons for redesigns of the iconic 1970s

In the past, Evans has directed a documentary about Waters and had created and used pig balloons for redesigns of the iconic 1970s Pink Floyd album covers. Waters' team has given New World Design permission to use Evans’ pig balloon design.

Combining Waters’ and Orwell’s message with giant pigs

The original pig, dubbed Algie, was designed by Waters and was originally inspired by George Orwell’s classic book “Animal Farm.” Roberts said that their new project combines both Orwell’s and Waters’ message, saying it is a commentary on the “ridiculous nature” of politics in Washington, D.C. today.