Donald Trump's tax card analysis has shown that he had no income from Russian sources in the past ten years, Trump's attorneys said in a letter issued by the White House on Friday. The letter also stated that he did not owe money to Russian creditors.

The letter states that the tax card does not indicate that Trump received revenue from any Russian sources, except in the year of 2013 when the Miss Universe pageant was held in Moscow, and in 2008 when he sold property in Florida to a Russian multi-millionaire. The letter also states that it is possible that some of Trump's companies have earned from ordinary trading transactions with the Russians over the past few years.

With a few exceptions

The Huffington Post warned the public not to believe anything Trump's lawyers say about his finances. Yesterday, his attorneys issued an official statement: "The president has no income, debt or capital from Russian sources in the past 10 years, with a few exceptions." Critics of the announcement say that this is definitely not the way to publish information about someone's finances, let alone the finances of the US president.

The letter was written by Trump's Tax Attorneys Sherri Dillon and Willie Nelson. The exceptions include the purchase of Florida villas by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, the election of Miss Universe in Moscow in 2013, and "the usual sale of Goods And Services to the Russians." No evidence of allegations in the official statement was provided.

Contradictory statements

In January, Trump said on Twitter: "Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I have nothing to do with Russia- no deals, no loans, no nothing!" This is completely contrary to the statement made by his lawyers. Reuters writes that Trump has earned $1 and $4 million in commissions from Florida homes.

In the "normal Sale Of Goods and services," the Russians spent about $100 million on the flats, and Trump received a commission of 1 to 4 percent. Trump allegedly has been doing business with Bayrock, which funded the construction of Trump Soho. Mafia criminal Felix Sater was one of Bayrock's managers. He had the title of "Senior Trump Advisor" and traveled with his children to Russia searching for real estate investments.

Despite this, in 2013, Trump said he had no idea what Sater looked like.

Trump could publish his tax returns, but has refused to do so. With that still hanging in the balance, the unanswered questions continue to hang as well.