During an event organized by the National Committee on US-china relations, a number of former U.S. admirals agreed that China could influence North Korea, if it wanted. This is after all diplomatic pressures was placed by the United States over the rogue, belligerent state and still hasn't destroyed the political stubbornness of North Korea.

Former Admirals admit that preemptive strikes on North Korean nuclear facilities is not easy

The main threat of North Korea is its continued prodding into nuclear weapons production and the constant threats against the U.S.

However, pinpointing the locations of North Korea's nuclear facilities is not an easy task. Former director of U.S. National Intelligence, Dennis Blair said that a preemptive surgical strike at North Korean nuclear facilities is not an easy task because the entire country is riddled with tunnels. It is very easy to conceal weapons of mass destruction from the prying eyes of U.S. Satellites.

Even with the massive surveillance technology used by the United States, it is highly unlikely that the Pentagon has definitive locations of Kim Jong-Un's nuclear facilities. This is why a preemptive strike against North Korea will not have much of an effect.

Diplomacy is the only key to end the Korean crisis and China holds it

Former Admiral Joseph Prueher said that the diplomatic approach is still the best way to quench the tension in the Korean peninsula. However, the problem is that the diplomatic road towards reaching Pyongyang starts with China. Many analysts agree that China is not using all of its diplomatic power against North Korea to lessen its continued belligerence against the United States.

China is North Korea's solitary ally in the region and its voice is louder in Pyongyang than the roar of thousands of American jets. However, surprisingly, China is not doing everything in its power to pressure Pyongyang diplomatically. Many believe that though China isn't supportive of North Korea's nuclear ambition, it can't afford losing an ally that can check the growing influence of the United States.

China is the process of improving its military and at the same time, building an economic transformation that involves the entire Eurasian super continent through "its "one belt one road" initiative". Through China's massive economic power, it is trying its best to rally of the major Asian and European countries into a cooperative that has the possibility to outpacing the economic supremacy of the United States.