According to CNN on Monday, May 1, the unthinkable happened. An FBI German translator with a top-secret security clearance married the ISIS member she was investigating. It was back in 2014 when she traveled to Syria and married him even though she already had a United States soldier husband. According to court records, Daniela Greene married the member of ISIS three years ago. Court documents were sealed, and this embarrassing story is just being made public. Some said what Greene did was a breach of national security.

The ISIS husband

Greene married Denis Cuspert, the ISIS member she was investigating.

He is an online recruiter for violent Jihadists. He is well known on two continents for the work he does. He is a rapper known in Germany as Deso Dogg. He sings about his beliefs, including threatening former President Barack Obama. He has appeared in several videos advocating what he does. In one video, he is clearly seen holding a human head that had been freshly cut off.

A mistake

Shortly after Greene married Cuspert, she realized her marriage was a mistake. To get away from her ISIS husband, she fled back to the United States. The 38-year-old wife was immediately arrested and agreed to cooperate with officials. detailing what happened. Perhaps she thought it was the lesser to two evils because she pleaded guilty to wrong doings, including lying about where she was going and making false statements about international terrorism.

The married woman was sentenced to two years in a federal prison and was released last summer. She would have been required to serve longer, but her cooperation helped shorten her prison time.

Timeline of woman's journey

Greene was hired as an FBI translator in 2011. She was assigned to investigate Cuspert in January 2014. Six months later, she married him in June 2014.

In August of the same year, she fled back to the United States and was arrested. In December 2014, Greene cooperated with authorities and was sentenced to two years in prison on August 8, 2014. She was released in August 2016.

Greene's story was kept secret all these years because the records were sealed.

Also, it was for her protection from Cuspert and his group. Officials from National Security of the U.S. Attorney's Office agreed that Greene put herself and her country in great danger. She will never work for the FBI again. The former translator now works in a hotel lounge as a hostess. Since Greene was still married to her American husband at the time she married Cuspert, her marriage to the ISIS member wasn't legal.