Donald Trump has been known to make comments that have left many scratching their heads, but his latest remarks might have gone too far. After the president made questionable comments about the Civil War and former President Andrew Jackson, the reaction was not a positive one.

Trump trouble

When Donald Trump first announced that he was going to run for president, he did so on the floor of Trump Tower. His announcement didn't go over well, much in part because he labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." Since then, Trump's rhetoric has often gotten himself in trouble, with many of his statements not holding up to the facts.

On Monday, the former host of "The Apprentice" appeared on Sirius XM radio for an interview with the Washington Examiner. During the interview, Trump brought up the Civil War, wondering why it took place in the first place before dragging Andrew Jackson into the equation. Trump noted that Jackson was upset with the war itself, despite dying 16 years before it started. In the 24 hours since the interview took place, Trump has been mocked and trolled across social media, on cable news, late night talk shows, and by his political opponents. The billionaire real estate mogul attempted to clarify his remarks during a tweet, but it only made matters worse. As reported by Politico on May 2, Republican aides are now worried about the president.

According to the report in Politico, Donald Trump doesn't appear to be in the best state of mind. "They were not helpful to us," a top White House aide said about Trump's recent interviews, before adding, "There was no point to do all of them." "I have no idea what they view as a successful media hit," another Republican adviser went on to say.

Not stopping there, White House officials were also left dumbfounded over a variety of other comments that were made by Trump over the last 48 hours, including his remarks about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Trump said he would be "honored" to meet with Kim, and even went as far as to praise him over how he has been able to remain in power.

"He just seemed to go crazy today," a Republican adviser admitted.

Moving forward

Despite the apparent panic in the White House over Donald Trump's recent behavior, it doesn't appear as if the commander in chief is willing to back down anytime soon. While Trump continues to speak fondly of his current standing as president, his most recent favorability rating is down to just 40 percent.