Three days into his first foreign trip as president and Donald Trump is starting to get tired. When the White House confirmed that the president was feeling the pressure, social media users quickly made sure to give their thoughts.

Twitter on Trump

Once it became clear that Donald Trump had locked up the Republican nomination last summer, he was on to the general election against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. One of Trump's most controversial talking points used against Clinton was over her age and stamina. Trump even went as far as to promote debunked stories and conspiracy theories about Clinton's health which gained traction with his supporters.

Fast forward six months to present day and Trump is facing irony in regards to the issues of health and age. On Friday, Trump started his first international trip as commander in chief by spending time in Saudi Arabia. After just three days, the White House has confirmed that the president is "exhausted," which they used an excuse for Trump not including the term "radical Islamic terrorism" during his speech to Saudi leaders. The Washington Examiner, and later The Hill, elaborated further on May 21, which resulted in instant backlash and trolling on Twitter.

While speaking to reporters on Sunday, one White House official admitted that Donald Trump was tired after just three days into his trip.

"He's just an exhausted guy," the official said. The remarks came as critics pushed back against the president over his speech on terrorism in Saudi Arabia, where Trump took a more modest tone in contrast to his hard-line campaign remarks about Islam and Muslims that have been a corner stone of his political message over the last two years.

Twitter trolls

In response to the news that Donald Trump was getting tired at the start of his trip, social media users weren't too kind in their response.

"I prefer Presidents who aren't so exhausted after reading off a teleprompter for 30 minutes that they're forced to take a nap," one tweet read.

"Dude, America has been exhausted for months," another Twitter user added.

"Per several White House reporters in Saudi Arabia, senior official said Trump made a mistake today because he was '"exhausted.' Whoo boy," Politico reporter Josh Dawsey noted.

"So Trump is exhausted 2 days into a 9 day trip. He should take a 3 1/2 year holiday and catch up on his rest!" an additional tweet said.

"For a 70 yr old guy who doesn't exercise and eats a crap diet this is not shocking. Will have to see how next days go," another Twitter user pointed out. Negative reactions continued to pour in as social media critics of Donald Trump appeared to have a field day with the news.