With controversy waiting for him in the White House, Donald Trump left the United States to start the first leg of his foreign trip. After stopping in Saudi Arabia, Trump caught heat for bowing to King Salman in a video clip that some at Fox News did their best to shield from their viewers.

Fox News on Trump

Ever since being sworn into office last January, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with an onslaught of criticism stemming from a variety of different reasons. Whether it's predictable squabbles with the Democratic Party, battles with leaders in the Republican Party, or in-fighting within his own administration, the former host of "The Apprentice" has had a stressful first four months in office that has led to an approval rating that has dropped below 40 percent.

Of all the issues facing the commander in chief, the growing Russian scandal seems to be the one that is having the most impact, and not in a positive way. Over the last two weeks, multiple reports have circulated that have added fuel to the fire over the Russian scandal, despite constant denial by the White House. In an attempt to shake-off the issues at hand, Trump left on the aforementioned foreign trip with the first stop being in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After meeting with King Salman and bowing to the Saudi leader, Trump faced mocking and trolling from his critics, which was nearly ignored during a May 20 segment on Fox News and first pointed out by Raw Story.

Joining Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night was Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway.

As the two discussed Donald Trump and his international trip, the network played footage of the president arriving in Saudi Arabia. At this point, the video of Trump bowing to King Salman was briefly played. However, once a split screen shot was brought up, Pirro could be seen waving her hand back forth, motioning the crew to cut from the clip in question.

Pirro kept her cool as Conway continued to offer praise of Trump and how he has conducted himself during the early part of his trip.

Moving forward

After leaving Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump is scheduled to head to Israel where he is expected to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the days that follow, the president will travel to Rome, Brussels, Italy and more, where he will also meet with Pope Francis, have dinner with leaders from the 28 other NATO countries, and participate in the annual summit meeting of the Group of 7 powers. While it's unknown how the rest of the trip will play out, it appears as if the problems in the White House will be waiting for the billionaire real estate mogul when he returns home.