A source who speaks often with Donald Trump told CNN that the President is deteriorating emotionally behind-the-scenes. Life in Washington, D.C. is one steady stream of scandals and nonstop misery for Trump. Shakeups involving senior staff and scrutiny over alleged Russian communications with the campaign top headlines on a regular basis. Ever since he returned from his first foreign trip, Trump has been unhappy instead of gloating about how successful it was.

Trump unhappy in Washington, D.C.

According to CNN, an insider who interacts with president frequently imparts that Donald Trump "now lives within himself, which is a dangerous place" for him to be.

The well-placed source continues that it's evident Trump is "emotionally withdrawing" at this point in his presidency. He's also gained more weight and trusts no one.

It's unforeseen if Donald Trump will resume his "arrogant and stubborn" ways or realize that the trip to the Middle East and meeting the Pope "hit the pause button" of all that he must do upon returning to the White House. He came back angry and not happy with anyone.

Prior to leaving on his first foreign trip, its reported that Donald Trump wasn't looking forward to it and complained to friends that it was going to be too long. If he thought staying in Washington was going to be better, he may have discovered that it at least got him away from the problems momentarily.

He now must deal with appointing a new FBI director, having his son-in-law be the center of a counterintelligence investigation over Russian ties, and handle legal matters.

President listens when he's disillusioned

The source added that Donald Trump listens more intently when he's "down in the dumps." The worry is that some of the advice he may receive will be bad.

There isn't much guidance from a reliable individual on what he should or should not do. He also talks with outsiders who don't approve of his staff and it's thought that he's getting conflicting advice as a result.

Will Donald Trump survive long-term in Washington, D.C.? He admitted that being president is far more difficult than he ever imagined.

Trump actually believed a sitting president's job was easier than being a billionaire businessman. At this point he's concluded that it's a whole different game in politics. Loyalties are to the government and not to the president, as he learned with former FBI Director James Comey. For someone of Trump's stature, its been a hard lesson in how the highest level of politics operates.