Is jared kushner about to be fired by his father-in-law as his senior adviser? Donald Trump is using the same words to praise him as he did former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn and former FBI Director James Comey. It was thought that Flynn and Comey were safe in their White House roles when the president stood by them amid intense scrutiny. He managed to blindside everyone when it was announced they were let go from the Trump administration.

Senior adviser focus of Russian probe

Kushner is now in the center of an FBI investigation having to do with the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians before and after the election.

It's alleged that Kushner contacted Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, about setting up a secret back-channel communications meeting between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign around December 1. He wanted a way in which communications could be set up with Russia and father-in-law's campaign at Trump Tower in an effort to avoid detection. Some top U.S. intelligence officials claim Jared's actions would be considered of "espionage."

Trump heaps praise on Kushner

Trump's latest remarks about Jared Kushner sound eerily familiar. In a statement released Sunday night, the president extolled Kushner in the same manner he did when Flynn and Comey were serving under him. Trump expressed that "Jared is doing a great job for the country" and that he has "total confidence in him." Trump continued that Kushner is accorded a great deal of respect from those around him and that he's working on programs that will save the nation "billions of dollars." Furthermore, the president calls Jared a "very good person."

Donald Trump is using the common word, "confidence," in his praises for Jared Kushner.

He defended James Comey and Mike Flynn time and time again in the press until the shocking announcements of their termination emerged. Flynn was let go for being dishonest with Vice President Mike Pence regarding his contact with Russians and Comey was inching closer to getting answers in the Trump-Russian probe. Both men seemingly had a secure job in Trump's White House until Trump decided he no longer had "confidence" in either one.

Will Trump fire Kushner?

Will Jared Kushner be next to leave the Trump administration? He and Ivanka Trump are reportedly assessing their lives in Washington, D.C. and will do a review every six months. Kushner is said to be "unhappy" and "miserable" in Washington, disappointed that he hasn't been able to achieve what he wants while serving under Trump. Will his father-in-law fire him as well?