There’s no roundabout way of saying it: some people just don’t like President Donald Trump. The reasons for that animosity can range from arguably justifiable to ridiculous. In that vein, the way the haters express their zero approval for the POTUS is just as similarly varied in intensity.

But what comedienne Kathy Griffin did this week – posting an edited photo online depicting her carrying what looked like President Trump’s bloody decapitated head in one hand – simply went far beyond the pale. It got so bad that one of Trump’s media nemeses CNN, for which Griffin co-hosts its annual New Year’s Eve program, have also censured her actions.

That’s not all. At the latest, the network has also fired her from her hosting duties.

Too spicy for CNN

The decision to ax Kathy Griffin from her New Year’s Eve hosting gig on CNN was made by the network on Wednesday, May 31. This was only a day after her “Trump-head” photo went viral on the internet. It's official statement has it that the news network has terminated her contract for the once-a-year CNN special, which the comedienne co-hosts with Anderson Cooper. The CNN anchor was one of the most scathing critics of the decapitation photo, which was taken of Griffin by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

Griffin has been in a non-stop apologetic mode for the controversial picture ever since the first waves of negative feedback came pouring in for it on social media.

In a video posted to Instagram late Tuesday, May 30 she repeated, "I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. "I made a mistake, and I was wrong." Concurring that, in a general sense, the depiction of a bloody President Trump’s head was disturbing, Griffin had asked Shields to take the photo offline.

Lost rapport

Ever since 2007, Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper have been a formidable tag team in CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage at Times Square.

The chemistry between the two hosts has been a lot more interesting to viewers at times than even the traditional ball drop with fireworks.

There seems to be nothing left of that in the past 24 hours, as Cooper added his own authoritative voice with that of the network in slamming the Trump-head photograph.

To CNN’s collective “disgusting and offensive” comment, Cooper followed up with “completely inappropriate” on Twitter, and how he was appalled by the imagery as most everyone else.

President Trump and his family have not let up in their online assault on Griffin. Even Chelsea Clinton, daughter of losing 2016 candidate Hillary, was opposed to the comedienne’s form of protest, stating that no President-killing joke can ever be considered funny.