The deployment of a US anti-missile system in South Korea is creating some regional tension with china. The system is designed to protect South Korea amid North Korea’s nuclear threat.

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) is built to defend and protect South Korea and their Japanese counterpart from nuclear attack. The DPRK has made it a regular habit of threatening the duo of nuclear war. North Korea and its dictatorial leader Kim Jong Un possess what analyst believe to be more than a dozen stockpiles of nuclear ammunition capable of hitting the South and even Japan.

The controversial anti-missile system

The Terminal Altitude Area Defense, which is ready for operation in summer 2017, has a radar that quickly detects and track a ballistic missile that is launched and then intercepts and deactivate or destroys it before hitting its target.

North Korea's uncontrolled missile launch

North Korea has launched four ballistic missile test off the coast of Japan in just one month in an apparent show of force. The United States has responded aggressively to the North’s uncontrolled missile launch, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warning that all option including military action against the regime is on the table.

Beijing has lashed out at South Korea for the deployment of the anti-missile system.

China sees THAAD as a grave threat to its military activities and capabilities, especially in the South China Sea, which Beijing lays claim of the disputed maritime boundary. The sea serves as a link for almost half of the world’s shipping. The US and the global community consider the disputed region as international waters.

Chinese sanctions

Chinese Foreign ministry said in early March, that the country’s position on THAAD is very clear. “We are totally against the deployment of Terminal Altitude Area Defense in South Korea, and we are firm in our opposition”. A spokesman for the ministry told reporters.

The United States maintains that the system is purely for defensive purpose and has nothing to do with China.

“THAAD is entirely an anti-missile system designed to intercept and destroy short and medium range ballistic missiles. It is not meant to deter China or Russia”, Gary Ross US Navy Commander said.

China has meted out sanctions against South Korea as a means of discouraging the country from deploying the Terminal Altitude Area Defense. Beijing has even threatened Seoul with trade boycott and harsh economic sanctions in a bid to make South Korea back down on the deployment of THAAD.