A group of adults was enjoying a birthday party by the swimming pool in a La Jolla, San Diego Apartment Complex on Sunday. A man opened fire, killing one woman and wounding seven people, some of whom are critically injured. Police shot the suspect in the shooting incident dead.

Several 911 calls received by San Diego Police

As reported by the LA Times, the San Diego Police received a number of calls shortly after 6 p.m. relating to the shooting at the apartment complex in the University City area. According to San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman, officers then rushed to the building.

According to Zimmerman, a police helicopter arrived on the scene first with authorities able to see the shooter standing near the pool, apparently reloading his weapon. The shooter was a white man, dressed in brown shorts and according to witnesses was shooting at the around 30 people standing around the pool. Most of the party attendees were African American.

Police shoot the shooter

When three police officers arrived on the scene, they headed to the pool area where the gunman pointed a large caliber handgun at them. All three police officers opened fire, killing the man, who has been identified as Peter Selis, 49.

The motive for the shooting is still unclear and officials are still interviewing witnesses at the swimming pool, including the three responding officers. According to Zimmerman the shooter and at least one of the partygoers were residents at the apartment complex.

Eight people injured in the San Diego shooting incident

Seven adults were hit in the shooting incident, including two African American men, four African American women as well as one Latino man.

Another African American man broke his arm while trying to flee the area. All eight victims were taken to a local hospital. One unnamed African American woman died at the hospital. Police are so far unsure if Selis knew any of the victims.

Shooter stood with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other

One of the residents of the apartment complex told CBS News 8 that he was at home when he heard gunshots at round 6 p.m., followed by screaming and yelling.

The man ran to the building’s clubhouse, where he had a view of the swimming pool. He said the shooter seemed completely at ease, with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other. The resident, who only gave his first name, John, added that two victims were lying bloodied on the ground, with one attempting to crawl to the other to help them.

According to the LA Times, two other witnesses, Amberjot Riat, 22, were in the Jacuzzi at the apartment building when the shooting started. According to Riat, they decided to stay in the water, hoping to avoid catching the shooter’s attention. When they did finally climb out of the Jacuzzi, they could hear the shooter speaking to some young women, who were trying to help a wounded friend.

Selis reportedly told the women they could either leave or stay there and die.

A reunification center has been set up by the police close to Golden Haven and Judicial drives for any loved ones looking for information about friends or family. San Diego police are asking the public for any information they may have about the shooter.