Most people in our culture throughout the United States consider dogs and cats as loving household companions and pets, but such is not the case in other countries like China, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines. They raise Dogs And Cats for the purpose of slaughtering them as a food source.The animals not only endure a life filled with abuse, but they are also murdered in the most horrific and heartless manner.

What is normal when it comes to domestic animals like dogs and cats is a matter of cultural viewpoint. The use of dogs and cats for food is extreme animal cruelty, despite such cultural differences.

Animal advocacy groups in Los Angeles are adamant about stopping the brutality.

Planned Los Angeles rally in protest of China’s dog meat industry

Animal advocacy groups joined forces with others in the Los Angeles area to protest the Dog meat industry in other countries, including the gruesome Yulin Dog Meat Festival that is scheduled for the 20th of June this year in Yulin, China.

The demonstration rally is set for mid-May, but the fight continues until the cruelty stops. In addition to the event in Los Angeles, other protests will be conducted nationwide to fight China’s dog meat industry while also support the USA H. Res. 30, a bill introduced by Representation Hastings from Florida earlier this year.

Other protesters will gather in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D. C., all gathering at the Chinese Consulates. The major rally held in Los Angeles is meant to solidify the United States viewpoint against the horrific cruelty that occurs annually at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival as well as other issues involving the entire dog and cat meat trade, as stated by Chris DeRose, LCA Founder, and spokesperson.

The mission of the Last Chance for Animals (LCA)

The LCA or Last Chance for Animals organization is non-profit and works diligently to eliminate animal exploitation and abuse. They do so through investigations, education, public awareness and legislation.

Their mission is to expose and put an end to the horrendous abuse of dogs like those in the dog meat industry.

Such cruelty involves the slaughter of these animals through several methods like boiling and burning them alive or beating them to death. The campaign director for the LCA, Nina Jackel states that with enough pressure from the public, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival will finally be shut down completely.

People of China are actually adamant about putting an end to the cruelty as much as we are in the USA. People can all make a difference and work together to stop the brutality.