Rep Mo Brooks told Jake Tapper on CNN that if you are a good person, you don't have to worry about things like stroke, heart disease, and Birth Defects. He added that the bill would require those with higher medical bills to pay a higher premium to put in the "pool." When asked if he knows how much these premiums are and how the poor will afford it, he was speechless.

Brooks said insurers cannot deny coverage, but they will pay more

According to Salon, Alabama Rep confirmed that Trumpcare would not deny anyone coverage, but they will increase premiums to those who need more medical care.

When asked how some of those living in poverty who barely afford ObamaCare now will afford the insurance, he had no real answer.

Tapper asked if Trump knew the details of the plan

The CNN anchorman asked Brooks if President Trump penned the bill. Mo wasn't sure if he directly wrote it, but added that it was "his understanding" that Trump had "full knowledge" about Trumpcare's policy details.

Brooks said that he was seriously considering running for Senate in the future and believes in the Trumpcare bill. He added that it would give each state more health care rights.

The Congressman admitted that if people have chronic conditions and cannot pay for the premiums, the country should help them.

The Senate will vote on Trumpcare in the coming weeks.