Ariana Grande is apologetic for the unfortunate turn of events after her concert in UK's Manchester Arena on Monday night. After the success of her "Dangerous Woman" concert on May 22, thousands of Arianators were traumatized when a loud explosion was heard outside the venue just when they were about to go home.

19 dead, 50 injured

British authorities confirmed the explosion left 19 people dead, while 50 others attained injuries caused mostly by shrapnel shells. The Monday show was the first of Ariana Grande's three-day concert series in the United Kingdom.

Initial reports revealed the police are taking into consideration that the occurrence was a "terrorist incident" until further investigations prove otherwise.

After the blast outside the Manchester Arena, the police authorities carried out a controlled explosion on a suspected explosive device found near the vicinity. Meanwhile, an affiliate from the concert venue clarified the incident took place outside the stadium contrary to initial reports.

Manchester Arena can hold 18,000 to 21,000 individuals being the largest indoor stadium in the United Kingdom. Emergency services were immediately deployed to rescue those who were injured at the scene. The British police also promised to release further leads about the horrific incident.

'I don't have words'

Ariana Grande, through her official Twitter account, broke her silence following the tragic incident at her concert. The 23-year-old American singer said she is "broken" and has no words to say after what happened. The "Almost Is Never Enough" artist also apologized to her fans for the horrible incident.

Her party also released an official statement, condemning the "senseless attack" which resulted in bloodshed. Ariana Grande's team also expressed their sympathy and condolences to those who fell victims of this "cowardly act." Aside from that, the party also thanked the Manchester's first responders who were quick to provide assistance to those who were affected by the explosion.

Ariana Grande is scheduled to bring her "Dangerous Woman" concert tour in London on Thursday and Friday. But after the Manchester attack, the possibility of holding these shows is still undecided. The team added they will make an announcement soon as to whether these concert shows will continue or not.

Musicians react to UK explosion

Halsey is hopeful that the explosion at Ariana Grande's concert was unintentional, while Taylor Swift could not help but weep for the victims of the incident. Harry Style's was also "heartbroken" after hearing the news about the Manchester blast.