"Roads" singer Ariana Grande has no words to say to the families and friends of those who watched her concert but ended up killed due to a bomb explosion. In a tweet, the singer wrote that she is broken from the bottom of her heart. Her representatives informed that the remaining concerts scheduled in Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, England, and Germany are all put on hold after the traumatic ending of her concert at the city of Manchester.

Ariana Grande fans killed and injured after concert bombing

Police authorities suspected a suicide bombing that killed 19 and injured more than 50 people that were already departing from the venue when the explosion happened.

The venue can hold 21,000 people. The scene of the concert was so horrible with children screaming, parents frantically searching for their children and lots of wounded teenagers and children crying as thousands ran out of the concert building.

The "Beauty and the Beast" singer has just rendered her last song and right after a huge blast followed. The next scene was throngs of people running from the venue. The stampede caused many to be injured. Live footage of the incident was so disheartening as a mass of children and teenagers were screaming and cowering in fear.

Ariana Grande concert bombing a terrorist act

Prime Minister Theresa May called it a terrorist attack, second to the suicide bombing in London in July 2005 that claimed 52 lives.

U.S. officials reportedly see the similarity to a series of attacks in November 2015 in Bataclan concert hall and other locations in Paris. An anonymous U.S. official suspects a terrorist attack taking into consideration the timing, the venue, and the mode of attack by the suspected suicide bombers.

Ariana Grande was in hysterics and inconsolable after the incident and is unable to perform for anyone.

Her team is also concerned about her security that is why they canceled all her European concerts. Right after the incident, her representative told her fans that she was physically okay except for her grief and concern for the victims.Her manager, Scooter Braun appealed to pray for the victims as they mourn the loss of the loyal fans of Ariana Grande.

The victims are mostly tweens and young women and mothers that accompanied their children to the concert. Many see it as an attack towards women and children. Ariana Grande's fans are majority women and bombing her concert will yield female victims. The police authorities are in an intensive investigation and are eyeing suspects. Reports say that as of this time, some young girls that came to the concert unchaperoned are in hotels waiting for their guardians to come and fetch them.