Donald Trump hasn´t stopped since taking over the presidency. In the past ten weeks, he has given several interviews, been involved in rallies, met with foreign leaders and signed multiple laws. However, as the Daily News website claims, Donald Trump has managed to take time to play golf about fourteen times now, despite the fact he had attacked Barack Obama during the 2016 Presidential Election for how often he was seen playing golf during his presidency.

Is the White house lying?

In fact, the White House informed that Donald Trump was set to hold several meetings on Sunday.

Yet, it turned out that those "meetings” were on the golf course with Senator Rand Paul. The Politicus USA website claims that The White House was trying to fool people into believing that the President was working on the health care issue, while he was playng golf for the 14th time in just ten weeks, way more often than Obama.

Golf is Donald Trump´s hobby

For Sunday's meeting, Trump was joined by Rand Paul, a Kentucky senator and one of the Republican party's leading figures, but also Mick Mulvaney. The match was scheduled for Virginia at one of the multi-million dollar golf courses. This information was originally leaked on Twitter by Bloomberg correspondent at the White House, Margaret Talev, causing a major reaction on several social media platforms.

Check out the tweet below:

Trump bashing Obama over his golf habits

Throughout the presidency of Barack Obama, Trump had publicly criticized the vacation trips of his predecessor in the White House.

Among the criticisms was precisely the fact that Barack Obama usually traveled a lot just to play golf and have a great time. It should be noted that golf matches can certainly involve conversations about work and other important issues. Already, in the last week, as the The Independent publication recalls, it was hinted to White House correspondents that Trump would be in meetings. The meetings, interestingly enough, will have also taken place on golf courses.