Over the last month, Donald Trump has done his best to deflect away from the ongoing Russian scandal to push a conspiracy of his own. While most credible evidence has debunked Trump's claim that he was wiretapped, the president is not done pushing the theory.

Trump Twitter rant

Even during the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was forced to push back against allegations that he was linked to Russia. Since then, the former host of 'The Apprentice" has continued to deny any wrongdoing, even when several reports have uncovered that multiple Trump associates, past and present, have been in contact with high-ranking Russian officials.

From former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to current Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Trump administration has been tied back to the Kremlin in more ways than one. In an attempt to change the narrative, the president took to social media and accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, despite no proof being released to back up his allegations. As seen on April 1, Trump returned to Twitter to continue his conspiracy theory.

While the majority of the mainstream media has focused on the Russian interference in the election, Donald Trump and the right-wing media have set their sights on who leaked information from the White House to the media.

"The real story turns out to be SURVEILLANCE and LEAKING!," Trump tweeted out, before adding, "Find the leakers."

Donald Trump has done his best to shift the news cycle into covering "leakers" in the White House who allegedly leaked information about his administration being tied to the Kremlin.

Trump and his relationship with the media has been rocky for some time, and has only gotten worse in recent weeks as the billionaire real estate mogul has lashed out and accused the press of ignoring potentially key information that could help validate his claims. On Saturday, Trump used Twitter once again to insult "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd and NBC News for spending time on the "witch hunt" Russian scandal, and not the story of "leakers."

Next up

The House Intelligence Committee is currently investigating what role Russia had on the election and the campaign for Donald Trump.

However, House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes has come under fire over the last two weeks for allegedly having a partisan bias in favor of Trump, which was highlighted when he bypassed the committee and broke protocol by informing the president about information gathered that related to he investigation.