If you are an animal lover and dog owner, you would undoubtedly attest to the fact that dogs and humans share an incredible bond. That is why these animals are named as “man’s best friend.” People have been drawn to dogs since the domestication of these animals, and their bond is mutual. Dogs help their owners and others in so many ways and expect nothing in return because their loyalty and love are unconditional. We, in turn, care for them and grant them the needs and high quality of life that they deserve. It is questionable that we can have such a tight bond with any other being in the same manner as that of your great and loyal companion.

An exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum exemplifies how dogs and humans connect through an incredible bond.

About the Eiteljorg Museum

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and is known for its vast collection of Native American art. They also have Western American sculptures and paintings. They carry one of the most prestigious collections of Native contemporary art throughout the world. The Eiteljorg Museum is currently part of the White River State Park that also house the White River Gardens, Victory Field, Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana State Museum and Military Park. They are now presenting a new exhibit that is placing the spotlight on the outstanding bond between dogs and humans.

“Dogs: Faithful and True” exhibit at Eiteljorg Museum

The new exhibit at the Eiteljorg Museum entitled “Dogs: Faithful and True” opens now through August 6th, 2017. The paintings and sculptures as part of this display highlight the amazing bond between dog and human by revealing the many roles of a dog as companions, workers, heroes and workers.

The dog-related artwork was secured from the museum’s collection of Native American and Western art for this particular showing. Some work was also obtained from other artists and institutions. As part of the exhibit, “Dogs: Faithful and True,” there will be dog-related programming, and you can even adopt a dog from the Indy Humane Pet Adoption Wagon. The display promises to be a heart-warming experience with an insightful look at our faithful canine companions and the special bond they provide.