Mandy Teefey, Selena Gomez's mother, wants her daughter to immediately end her relationship with The Weeknd. As the Hollywood Life Website reports, the young mother believes her daughter's boyfriend may be detrimental to her health, since he doesn´t bother to hide her drug-related past. In Mandy's view, and after three months at a rehab clinic, The Weeknd is going to be a bad influence for Selena Gomez long term.

Mother´s concerns

After being hospitalized late last year, allegedly because of her illness "Lupus" and her addictions related to alcohol and drugs, Selena Gomez wasted no time and started an unexpected relationship with The Weeknd.

However, if many fans of the singer are happy with this union, the truth is that the artist's mother could not be more worried about what is happening.

Bad influence?

"Mandy has heard the obscene and drug-related language that Abel uses in her songs and she does not approve of the fact that Selena is partying with him. Mandy has even met Abel and found him to be very respectful, but she does not feel Abel can be a good influence on Selena", a source close to Mandy told the “Hollywood Life” website, ensuring that her mother is pressing and begging for this, seemingly healthy relationship, to end as quickly as possible. But can the drug-related lyrics from Abel make Selena Gomez tempted again, after a long rehabilitation period in Texas?

As problematic as Justin Bieber?

On social media, many "selenators" are shocked and worried about Mandy Teefey's concers, fearing that, as happened with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez can dive into excesses alongside The Weeknd as well.

Just a quick reminder that, after finishing everything with Justin, Selena Gomez was two years out of her brilliant and promising musical career, trying to recover from her ups and downs that brutally impact her physical and mental health, for the past four years of her life. Is that also one of the main reasons that her mother is begging and pressing for this love to end? Do you think The Weeknd could be the right man for Selena? Leave your opinion in the comments bellow.