On Sunday night, March 26, a gate agent for United Airlines was only doing her job when she would not allow three passengers to board the airplane going from Denver to Minneapolis because they were wearing leggings. At first, people might have thought this was discrimination, but they might change their minds when they know the whole story.

The incident might not have been blown out of proportion if passenger Shannon Watts had not tweeted that she saw a united airlines staff member bar girls from boarding a flight just because they were wearing leggings.

One girl did put a dress over her leggings and was allowed to travel. The other two didn't have a dress or skirt in their luggage to change into.

Social media

There is one thing about social media and that is that if one person posts something (whether it has merit or not), others will follow suit. Before long, there were hundreds of people giving the same opinion as the one who started the conversation. Even celebrities criticized the airline without knowing the policy surrounding the ban. Instead of United Airlines apologizing to the passengers, the ones who spoke out against the airline owe United Airlines an apology because the airline had every right to deny the legging-wearing passengers, according to their dress code for special passengers.

Pass Riders

United Airlines quickly explained that the passengers were traveling on their company benefit travel plan called Pass Riders. In other words, they were traveling free and representing the company for which there is a dress code that has been in place for many years.

The airline would not have banned the legging-wearing passengers if they were regular passengers, but they were not.

They were relatives or friends of United employees which means that they had to abide by the same rules as the employees. The dress codes do not apply to other passengers.

Not only are leggings banned, but passenger cannot travel under the Pass Rider plan if they are wearing any form-fitting and lycra and spandex clothing, ripped jeans, halter tops, and anything inappropriately revealing.

United Airlines' policy is posted on its website. It has been suggested that when employees give friends and relatives free passes, they should explain the policy to them.

Celebrities speak out

Actress Patricia Arquette quickly tweeted that leggings are business attire for 10-year-olds because their business is being children. United called Arquette's tweet clever and correct about ten-year-old children. However, what she said didn't apply in this case. Chrissy Teigen said she has flown United without wearing pants. She threatened that next time she will wear only jeans and a scarf.