As more details emerge about what exactly happened on that united airlines flight that caused so much controversy this past Sunday, one thing's clear: United CEO Oscar Munoz is sticking by his employees.

Munoz sent out a letter to staff members encouraging them- while possibly criticizing the actions of the passenger involved

NBC News reports that while Munoz did issue a public apology on Monday, stating that the airline would initiate a thorough investigation into the events leading up to a passenger's forced removal from a United plane, he also sent a letter to his staff.

That letter indicated that he had their backs- but it also seemed to criticize the conduct of David Dao, the Chinese doctor dragged off of the overbooked plane headed from Chicago to Louisville.

David Dao was dragged off of a plane against his will to make up for a United Airlines mistake

For those who may not be aware, Dao was one of the passengers "randomly" chosen to give up his plane seat after the United crew realized the cabin was too full. After repeated refusals to leave, Police officers were called to the scene to force Dao out. A video recorded by another passenger shows one officer grab Dao, who began screaming. The officer then pulled the doctor over an airline seat and down the aisle, busting his lip in the process.

Reports indicate that the man, "dazed, bloodied, (and) kind of in a mess" later managed to somehow get back on the plane. Details as to how this happened are unclear.

United Airlines CEO claims his team followed proper protocol

According to a statement by Munoz, his team "followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this." He noted that the man was "politely asked" numerous times to leave, all while blatantly and "belligerently" refusing.

He then stated that staff had no other option but to call airport security in to deal with the situation. Backlash from the viral video has resonated in china, as sources indicate more than 200 million people have watched it, and almost 100,000 have given mostly negative feedback. Among the comments are several that cry racism, discrimination, and unnecessary use of force.

NBC News reports that one viewer even went as far as to describe the whole incident as "brutality," "thuggery," and "barbarity." The outrage is so intense, in fact, that reports indicate many Chinese citizens are considering boycotting the airline. This would put a tremendous dent in the company wallet, as records show the country of 1.3 billion is one of United's biggest markets.

United Airlines stock value is steadily decreasing in the wake of the company's fiasco

Speaking of lighter pockets, the latest stock polls have also indicated that shares in United Continental Holdings, Inc. have dropped a considerable 2.6% already. Experts analyze that decrease illustrates a loss of around $600 million for the company- in just one day.

One of the biggest PR nightmares United Airlines has ever faced, Munoz and his team must work hard to restore its image.