social media is bustling with updates and posts regarding the recent incident that happened concerning united airlines' mistake to "re-accommodate" passengers. Not only that but it caused trauma and stress to other passengers as they saw selected people being dragged away from their rightful seats, especially in the case of the doctor named David Dao. He was already comfortably seated on his rightful seat when the Airlines suddenly asked for volunteers to be removed in place of United Airlines' personnel.

United CEO Oscar Munoz apologized for what happened.

However, he sent letters to his employees appreciating what they have done to Dr. Dao because he was "disruptive and belligerent," sources say. Then again, he apologized a second time. United Airlines lost about 1.4 billion in just one day. It is expected for what the management has done to the passengers. In addition, it caused trauma and stress to other passengers on board as they sympathized with the passengers that were chosen to be removed.

This may happen to other Airline companies as well

Other Airline companies are worried that this mishap may be happening around the corner and not discovered yet. Millions of people supported Dr. Dao and bashed United Airlines for their "inhumane behavior." Focusing on social media, numerous posts target the said Airline company and even parodies of their campaign were posted online.

Here are two of the recent ones:

The video shows a direct attack to United Airlines in a witty manner. The post contains numerous comments from people posting a photo comment that relates to video, which is still funny and humorous. Here is another one that is slightly explicit:

Moving jokes aside, this is an eye-opener for other Airline companies to accommodate their passengers properly and NOT in this way.

On the side of the United Airlines' CEO and the employees involved with the aggression, this will not be forgotten right away. This is not only a tackle to the income of the company but also its reputation for the years to come. As for Dr. David Dao and other passengers, they are treated at the hospital for their injuries and wished to have privacy to recover based on what happened.

Lastly, this popular meme that targets the company is mostly used now along with the others:

Use your creativity. Thus, they used it to pose a strong message and concern on what happened. Hopefully, the concern and attention on this incident are the same as what is currently happening in Syria.