On Tuesday the #White House accused #Russia of orchestrating a plot to cover up the Syrian chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of children and adults last week. The Russians covered up the attack and attributed it to President Assad's Syrian forces, an attack so severe and troubling that Trump swiftly engaged American missile strikes only 72 hours later.

#United States intelligence and numerous reports established that #Syria and Assad, through his military, a highly doubted army, activated the deadly and banned Sarin Gas on the Syrian citizens in the Northern Syrian town.

The pictures of the aftermath of the sarin attack was spread across the world as people from the global community decried the immoral violence.

A declassified four-page report articulates the hefty United States intel about the deadly chemical attack and sweeps through a detailed and highly structured refutation of #Moscow’s dubious claims. In fact the White House have established that Russia and the Syrians have avidly and intentionally tried to confuse the global perception of the attack by creating false narratives and shady truths, something that sounds like what trump's critics claim his administration engage in on a week-to-week basis.

The declassified US intel dossier is a determined document with strong words that asks for the international condemnation of #Syria's engagement in chemical weapons and it bitterly condemns Russia for 'shielding' one of their allies, Syria, for their employment of deadly and banned weapons of mass destruction.

Turnaround for Trump

This comes as a swift and striking shift for President Trump, who has until now praised #President Putin and sought to renew and rehabilitate American-Russian relations. Trump entered office talking of finding common ground with Putin, a President and a regime that Obama pretty much condemned and fought through multi-layered sanctions, but now Trump is being seen to isolate and highlight Putin's bad practices.

These change in priorities come as secretary of state #Rex Tillerson, has been strategizing for meetings in Russia this week and appears to be taking a very hard line on Russia. This, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Congress are both investigating and delving deep for any evidence of Trump's ties to Russians during his election campaign.

It's uncanny timing and many in the media and political worlds are wondering if it is a strategy by Trump to dispel doubts about his international – meaning, Russian – alliances.

Sean Spicer on Tuesday said that Russia is an island on the Syrian issues and that it was clear that the country was responsible for the attack. The only country who disputed Syria's responsibility is Russai and also the failed states of Iran and North Korea, as Spicer called it. The press secretary also added that this group weren’t the happiest cocktail type people that anyone would want to be associated with.

We are used to this sort of anti-Russia speak from countries like the US, but it was the Obama and Bush administrations who were so keen to distance and fight Russia on their many abuses of human and civil rights.

The fact that Trump is a business developer, and someone who believes in the freedom of the dollar and deregulating the rights of both income workers as well as healthcare and finance, has many wondering what his alliances with Russia really are. It remains to be seen how the FBI investigation will turn out for Trump and his team, many who have covered up their meetings with important and influentials Russians in the US and the world. Interesting times.