Holy Week is the seven day period when Christians observe the final week that Christ lived on the earth. The first day is Palm Sunday, which commemorates the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and the people lay palm branches at his feet. Many churches give palm leaves to their parishioners to observe this event. On Palm Sunday 2017, as Pope Francis was speaking to the faithful in St.Peter's square, the day was marred by tragedy else ware in the world.

Two churches bombed in Egypt

What should have been a joyous occasion, turned into tragedy in Egypt.

Two churches were bombed, turning them into rubble, with blood splattered everywhere. As believers in Christ gathered, to begin Holy week,suicide bombers killed 27 people immediately in Saint Georges church in Tanta. They had placed an explosive device under the seats in the main prayer area, Not long after this a suicide bomber tried to enter Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Alexandria. When he was denied entry, by two police officers, he detonated the bomb killing himself,and both officers. Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el sisi declared a state of emergency, As of this writing, the death toll has risen to 49

ISIS rears it's head again

ISIS has taken credit for masacre, and promises there will be more to follow..

This terroist organization has been targeting Coptic Egyptians Christians for a while. They purposefully chose Palm Sunday because they knew it was an important date on the Christian calendar. Egypt reported this to be the deadliest attack in recent years. According to a CNN report o Sunday, ISIS sent the following warning.

"The Crusaders and their apostate followers musts be aware that the bill between us and them is very large, and they will be paying it like a river of blood from their sons, if God is willing." Ironically CNN reported that it was a majority of women and not "sons," who were killed in this recent attack

According to TheAtlantic.com, ISIS has declared all out war on Christians, for no other reason than what they believe.

The basic tenant of Christian faith is believing that Christ rose from the dead, Anyone who believes this is an enemy to the extremists. And subject to lose their life. If the terroists thought this would put fear in the heart of Coptic Egyptian Christians, they were wrong. CNN reported that the faithful are saying the deadly actions of ISIS have only brought them together