One of the biggest reasons Donald Trump was able to win the election over Hillary Clinton was the support he received from more libertarian conservatives. Those voters held WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange in high regard, though their support of Trump might not hold after the latest headline.

Trump on Assange

Before Donald Trump became a candidate for president, he spoke openly about his disdain for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, going as far as calling him a "disgrace" and noting that he should be given the "death penalty" for his role in hacking of classified material.

Fast forward to the 2016 presidential election, and the former host of "The Apprentice" seemed to do a complete 180 on the hacking group for releasing information that was damaging to Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Trump went as far as saying "I love WikiLeaks!" during a campaign speech, as speculation surrounding Russia's involvement in the election and the president's campaign heated up. However, The Hill reported on Thursday that the Trump administration were targeting WikiLeaks while preparing to arrest Assange. In response, die-hard Trump supporters lashed out on Twitter on April 20.

Once the news spread that Donald Trump was looking to arrest Julian Assange, supporters of the president appeared fed up with betrayal.

"If we arrest Assange, me and Trump are breaking up," social media star Cassandra Fairbanks wrote on Twitter. In a series of follow-up tweets, Fairbanks continued to voice her frustration. "It is the only thing I would find unforgivable short of nuking the planet. Going after leakers is one thing. Going after publisher another," she tweeted.

"Jeff Sessions should concentrate on arresting & deporting illegal aliens, drug lords & narco-terrorists and leave Julian Assange alone," Infowar's Paul Joseph Watson tweeted out.

"I will not support Trump in 2020 if he arrests Julian Assange!," Twitter user Barbara Ann wrote, before adding, "If they do, Trump will become as evil as Hillary Clinton to me!"

"You're in the White House because hackers and leakers prevented a criminal for President. Be kind to those who made you @POTUS, Twitter user Kim Dotcom wrote on his account. "Wikileaks is great!" @POTUS what happened to you?

#freeAssange," another tweet read.

Moving forward

In response to the news, the legal team for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have responded, noting that "WikiLeaks is a publisher, and they are publishing truthful information that is in the public’s interest." As of press time, Donald Trump has not offered his own comment on the issue.