The Fox News most popular host Bill O'Reilly was fired on Wednesday after 20 years of service. Rupert Murdoch gave an announcement about the termination of the King of cable News from a letter he signed with his two sons, Lachlan and James. A fill-in host Dana Perino replaced O'Reilly, a few hours later, an adjustment was made erasing Bill's name from his own show "The O'Reilly Factor". While on-air, Perino spent only a few minutes bidding farewell to Bill O'Reilly, several unfounded claims have been pointed out as reasons for his termination.

Allegations of sexual harassment against Bill

So many women claim to have been harassed sexually by O'Reilly. According to a report by The New York Times, Caroline Heldman a frequent quest on Fox News reported that she was subjected to sex discrimination and retaliation by Bill. Another case of sexual harassment claim against him is from Jehmu Greene, who is a Fox News contributor, she claims that Bill urged her to show more cleavage in 2007 while she was in makeup.

Reporting to Times, Greene claims Bill O'Reilly promised to treat her to dinner after she won a beat, he made a comment that he was more interested in "breaking her back" than she might want to "break his bank account" with her choice of meal.

Pressure on Rupert Murdoch

Several reports from people who had worked with Bill at Fox News show that he was so powerful because he was making so much money for the Network. Former Fox News Political analyst Kristen Powers reported that when she was working with O'Reilly, she had a complaint of the silly comment made by him, which she took to then-CEO Roger Ailes, he said that Bill was a "jerk" but he could do nothing because he was making so much money for Fox News.

Powers said it was a big surprise that Bill could be fired because she believes there is no Fox News without O'Reilly. He was such an incredible broadcaster that it was unimaginable Bill could ever leave the network except on his own decision.

On Wednesday afternoon in his statement after announcing O'Reilly's termination, Rupert expressed deep concern which shows his state of unhappiness concerning firing Bill; he said "it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims." He was reported to have made the decision to fire O'Reilly due to pressure from his two sons.

The big question now is, how far can the show "O'Reilly Factor" now "The Factor" go without Bill O'Reilly the King of cable network, watch out for the next article for more reports.