The Time Magazine published weekly, is one of America's most respected news Journals. Every year it asks its readers to vote for the person who they consider to be the most influential in the world. This year the leader of the readers choice is Duterte. He has won 5 percent of the votes polled. Previous winners have been president Putin in 2015 and Bernie Sanders in 2016. The winner list will be published by Time magazine on 20 April 17. Duterte faced a stiff challenge from Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, Pope Francis and Bill gates. They all polled about 3 percent of the votes.

Indian pm Narendra Modi won 1 percent of the votes.

Duterte a strong-willed leader

President Duterte is a popular president of the Philippines. He is known as a strong-willed man who has launched a war on drugs and the drug mafia in the Philippines. He even admitted that once he had thrown a drug dealer out of a helicopter. Duterte is also famous for making strong remarks against the church and other world leaders. He created headlines when he insulted president Obama, who then canceled his meeting with the president. Duterte has sought to balance his over dependence on the USA and also visited China. The Philippines is involved in a territorial and maritime dispute with China in the South China Sea.

He has however stated that he will not go to war with China on this issue as the Philipines is a weak power. He is a man who is forthright and is not afraid to antagonize any body. His recent remark that the United States does not wish to antagonize China has not gone down well with the American government. He also questioned the America goal and wondered why the Americans did not send 5 aircraft carriers into the South China sea to stop the Chinese and nip the trouble in the bud.


There are many allegations against Duterte.Recently a senior police official Arturo Lascanes has alleged that the president was behind the infamous Davao Death squad which had killed tens of people. These killings can only be termed as extra-judicial killings. There are other allegations as well, but despite these allegations, Duterte who is also known as "the Punisher" remains popular among the people.


Duterte deserves credit for coming out at the top of the readers poll. He beat out many other big names. One reason for his victory could be the solid support he enjoys among the people. Duterte has done a lot for Philippine prestige and he has shown that his nation is not an appendage to the USA. He is the first leader of the US alliance in East Asia who has voiced hs resentment at the American approach to China.