Bannon flamed into the White House in January 2017 talking about the 'deconstruction of the administrative state' and other alt-right jargon. But now, he is gone from that post.

Trump's placing #Stephen Bannon on the principals committee at the beginning of the dawn of the Trump era attracted criticism not only from Democrats but also from some #Republicans as well as respected and high level intelligence experts. The move by the new president raised questions about a former CEO of an alt-right news site sitting on a committee normally reserved for high level and elite military generals and personnel.

Trump's bold move raised questions about Bannon's influence within the new Trump administration and how that would play out within the Republican party and of course within the House and Senate. Indeed Bannon was highly regarded in the first days and weeks of the Trump administration, seen to be a first amongst equals and part of #Team Trump that also included the at-times embattled chief of staff Reince Priebus, senior counselor Kellyanne Conway and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Now Bannon's rising up has hit a ceiling, as Trump's daughter #Ivanka Trump comes onboard at the White House West Wing. This suggests that Trump is taking lead from his more liberal daughter and not Bannon, who was always a Hard Line conservative.