Simon, the world-record seeking Giant Rabbit, has died. The giant 3-foot rabbit passed away suddenly on a united airlines flight from Heathrow to O'Hare according to TMZ reports. Simon, every bit of three feet long was reported as being a very healthy rabbit until his fateful flight on Monday, April 24. Annette Edwards, Simon's breeder, confirmed that the rabbit was found dead after landing and at this time the cause of death is unknown.

Son of current world-record-holding giant rabbit Darius meets his demise.

United Airlines were reportedly shipping Simon to a new home.

An unnamed United States celebrity had just purchased the giant rabbit and was awaiting the rabbit's arrival when they received the tragic news that Simon had mysteriously died while traveling via the cargo section of a Boeing 767.

United Airlines story may have travelers re-thinking their airline travel needs.

The giant world-record seeking ten-month-old rabbit was checked out by the vet just hours before take-off. Simon and Darius are a Continental Giant breed and weigh in around 50 pounds and higher.

This breed of rabbit was originally bred for meat but has become a popular house pet to those who can afford to care for them. The extra-large furry friends are usually housed in dog crates for comfort because of their size and dine on an abundance of carrots and apples along with a special rabbit food, which adds up to a few thousand dollars a year.

The breeder sells the rabbits for around $640. As for United Airlines, they are conducting an investigation into Simon's sudden death.United Airlines has been making some major negative news headlines for the past few weeks. It originally began after the airline banned two young women from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings.

The dress code scandal was soon followed by videos of 69-year-old Kentucky doctor David Dao being physically and brutally removed from a flight to allow room for United Airway employees to travel to Louisville. United Airline's CEO has publically apologized for the incident, but with all this negative media attention coming into the summer vacation travel months things may not fare well financially for United Airlines due to traveler concerns over the airline's treatment of their paying passengers.

Rest in peace Simon, the giant rabbit. What are your thoughts on United Airlines negative reports, will this have you re-thinking your future airline choices?