While the American people have grown accustomed to angry, negative reporting by #mainstream media on Pres. Trump, it is the unlikely Democratic Party spokesmen who are on the receiving end of Democrats’ anger and frustration. Former presidential candidate #Bernie Sanders, who couldn’t get around Hillary Clinton in the turns of a disastrous 2016 presidential race, has been on a “Unity Tour” with DNC Chairman #tom perez, who he adamantly opposed for the DNC position after Clinton’s stunning loss.

Democrats booed by Democrats on stage

While Sanders - who is actually an independent, not a Democrat - understands that he must support Perez, reviews by pundits, newspapers and national news broadcasters paint a mostly negative picture regarding the odd couple’s so-called unity tour.

While mainstream media has relentlessly leveled their fire against Trump for more than a year, the Democratic Party has been the real loser when it comes to politics. Nowhere has this been more evident than along the deflated leaders' Unity Tour.

For their part, Republicans say the effort has been a massive failure to date, and the Republican National Committee has flooded reporters’ inboxes with bad headlines from all across the country. However, Perez tripped over his own feet recently by declaring there is no room in the Democratic Party for pro-life candidates. Coming on the heels of UC Berkeley’s cancellation of conservative columnist Coulter’s scheduled speech on that campus, the condemnation of Democrats who happen to be pro-life by Perez was seen by many as more intolerance by the #Democratic Party.

Even liberal Nancy Pelosi, the house minority speaker, chimed in against the party chairman's divisive dismissal of pro-life candidates.

Sanders only garnered 13 million primary votes

For his part, Sanders - the presumptive leader of the Democratic Party who is actually a liberal Independent - only managed to attract the votes of four out of 10 Democrats before losing in the primaries to #Hillary Clinton - which translates into about 13 million votes; hardly enough to give Republicans a mild case of political indigestion.

Still, Perez seems to be the lightning rod for criticism on the tour even when it comes to inanimate objects. At one speech an #American flag collapsed from its pole as Prez spoke, and at another stop, a bird pooped on Perez who has a habit of swearing into microphones.

Nevertheless, the two soldier ahead praising one another and attempting to project unity when a few months ago they were opposed.

Liberal news outlets, as well as conservatives, have cast the unity tour as nothing less than an abject failure. To that end, even the ultra-liberal New Republic described the tour as a “failed” effort.

Nevertheless, the show must go on, and Perez seems nearly starstruck by Sanders, at least to hear him talk. "I have been amazed at the energy Bernie Sanders has generated," Perez said from the stage at the Mesa Amphitheater Friday as he gazed out at sea of T-shirts emblazoned with Sanders' face. Perez is regularly booed by Sanders Democrats when they appear together. During the primaries last year, Sanders and his supporters suggested the DNC and the Obama administration had unfairly and secretly in rigged the primaries for Clinton.

Perez was Labor Secretary for Pres. Obama and supported Hillary Clinton.

While Sanders and Perez are finding it increasingly difficult to convince Democrats that they stand as one to lead the Democratic Party, mainstream media has directed most of its criticism against Republicans and the evolving Trump administration. While anti-Trump "reporting" might make for good TV, an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that a whopping 67% of Americans think it's the Democratic Party that is “#out of touch.”