Sherri Papini's story of her alleged abduction and imprisonment for three weeks had onlookers scratching their heads before now there's a new twist that will likely have people looking at the situation with even more confusion and even a little distrust. New 911 Call logs have been released of Papini's Mother telling police that her daughter had been "harming herself and blaming it on [her.]"

The 2003 Papini call logs

The call log that has gotten the most attention is one to the Shasta County Sheriff's Office dated Dec. 17, 2003. In this log, Sherri Papini's mother is on record as saying that her daughter has been hurting herself and claiming Loretta Graeff was causing her harm.

It appears the log, which was acquired by the Sacramento Bee is not about Graeff attempting to report Papini but rather seeking advice. The woman, who has been referred to as "Super Mom" since her return from the alleged abduction, was just 21 at the time of the calls. Graeff tells the 911 operator she wants advice because of Papini's claims and because the young woman is looking to move back in with her mother.

Other family members were concerned about Sherri Papini as well

If Loretta Graeff had been the only member of the clan to be making these calls to police, they could be dismissed as a tiff between mother and daughter. In reality, it appears several members of Papini's family felt she was behaving strangely.

An October 1, 2000 call has Papini's sister, Sheila Graef alleging Sherri kicked in her back door. The sister says she doesn't believe anything is missing or anyone entered the house. A call later in the day from Papini's father claims his daughter had vandalized his home. Three years later he called police because he believed his troubled daughter had found a way to make unauthorized withdrawals from his bank account.

A pattern forms of Sherri Papini and her behavior

While none of these calls prove Sherri Papini made up the story about her abduction, it does point to an odd pattern of behavior. Members of the public had already cast their doubts about the young mother's story. Her own family's issues with Papini are likely only going to further cloud the issue.