In a recent statement, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that the increasing tension between the United States and North Korea has China concerned that the rhetoric could escalate into actual conflict. Minister Yi stated that the official position of the Chinese government was that there would be "no winner" between the two states in such a situation.

North Korean nuclear test appears imminent as tension grows

Reports have indicated it is likely that North Korea will conduct a test of their nuclear capability this weekend, which will coincide with a North Korea national day of celebration for the country's founder, Kim II Sung.

The test would be the sixth the regime has conducted, and would be the first test of nuclear capability to occur under President Donald Trump's term in office.

Trump has not been reluctant to exercise American military power, having recently bombed both a Syrian airfield and an ISIL stronghold in Afghanistan.The United States, in cooperation with South Korea, have conducted several military exercises in the region in case of military action against North Korea. Trump has not only deployed an aircraft to the Korean Peninsula as a warning, but has taken to social media to threaten and berate North Korean officials.

China has been extremely concerned about the potential for conflict in the region.

Aside from Minister Yi's declaration, the Chinese government has officially called for all relevant parties to refrain from provoking one another. Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have been in contact on the phone for several days in regard to the current situation, with Trump declaring to media representatives that he now has a more comprehensive grasp of the situation after speaking with President Jinping.

U.S. prepared for preemptive action against North Korea

A recent report by NBC News has shown the United States confirming it is willing to use preemptive military action against North Korea if there is more evidence of nuclear capability. This comes as U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has arrived in South Korea, where he is meeting with South Korean governmental officials during a ten-day tour of the country.

South Korean officials have been adamant about North Korea not expand its nuclear program, whereas China has taken a more cautious approach, arguing for flexibility in peace talks and multilateral negotiation between China, the United States, and North and South Korea.