With news that #President Trump has Changed his mind on the virtues of #NATO on Thursday, critics and analysts around the world dug deep into his changing ideologies and pointed out his shift in thinking and attitude.

The #NATO alliance has in fact not changed much at all in the last three months, and if there have been any transformations in its structure or objectives these were most certainly put in place before Trump arrived in the West Wing.

Persuasion works

President Trump has, for the past few weeks, been lobbied, persuaded and informed by both his own inner core team as well as those leaders in the UK and Germany on the virtues of the #NATO group.

And he has, we are led to believe, found new positives in an organization that he once called musty and outdated.

But as #Ivo Daalder, currently head of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, points out, nothing really has changed in the last 80 days in NATO. And Daalder should know. He was an ambassador to NATO when President Barack Obama was in office and knows the lay of the land. Daaldo added that the one element that has changed is Trump's understanding and appreciation of the alliance and how it makes #Europe and beyond a safer and more stable place.