Bentley Valdez who's a 55-year-old man has been charged with animal cruelty after the authorities discovered that around nine French mastiff dogs were dead and more than two dozen others were in a state of starvation on a New York property.

Neglected and abused

The owner reportedly abused and neglected several dogs that were kept in his NY property. The dogs were in a state of extreme neglect with many found dead and others in a state of dying. The dogs that survived were quickly taken to the Brennan Humane Society situated in Mayfield.

A contractor taking photographs around the area alerted the authorities.

On arrival, they witnessed nine of the dogs lying dead and another thirteen of them emaciated on a property in Stratford.

During their search and investigation, dogs were found confined inside a house on the property on County Route 104 in Stratford, while other dogs were kept outside in kennels and cages.

Police found that the dogs had no food or water and couldn't tell when the dogs were last fed and said that almost all the dogs were found starving or dead on that property. The New York state police further stated that the dogs were in a deplorable condition.

Thereafter, the remaining surviving dogs were rescued and taken to a local humane society in Mayfield to be properly cared for. Unfortunately, one of the thirteen dogs rescued by the Brennan Humane Society couldn't survive and died.

In fact, the Stratford dog control officer was shocked to see the pathetic condition of the dogs.

Arrested and Charged

The owner of the abused and neglected dogs was then arrested by the police on Thursday night.

Valdez, the alleged owner in question has been charged with 22 counts of misdemeanors involving Torturing or injuring animals and Failing to provide sustenance.

He was then released from the Fulton County Jail on a $2,500 cash bail or $3,500 bond. His next hearing in court is scheduled to be on April 18th.

In fact, the New York State Police are further investigating the cause of death of the dogs, to find out if it was starvation, cruelty or perhaps something else that killed the French Mastiffs.

This means that Valdez could expect even more serious charges with the pending autopsies of the dogs and as the investigation continues to reveal new facts.

One can donate to the Brennan Humane Society to help the surviving 12 dogs live a happy life, by going to their website: paws for you dot org.